What is digital PET/CT?

Digital PET/CT Scan for Cancer in Gurgaon is a hybrid imaging system that combines the functional imaging capabilities of positron emission tomography (PET) with the anatomical detail of computed tomography (CT). PET uses radioactive tracers to visualize metabolic activity in the body, while CT provides detailed images of the body’s anatomy.

What are the advantages of digital PET/CT?

  • Superior image quality: Digital PET/CT produces images with much higher resolution than traditional PET/CT scanners. This allows for better visualization of small tumors and other abnormalities.
  • Faster scan times: Digital PET/CT scans can be completed much faster than traditional PET/CT scans. This is especially beneficial for patients who are claustrophobic or have difficulty lying still.
  • Lower radiation exposure: Digital PET/CT uses less radiation than traditional PET/CT scanners. This is important for patients who need to undergo multiple scans, such as those with cancer.
  • Improved diagnostic accuracy: The superior image quality and faster scan times of digital PET/CT lead to improved diagnostic accuracy. This means that doctors can make more confident decisions about treatment options for their patients.